Contact CGFA for Public Comments or Testimony

To submit public comments or to register to be put on the agenda to give oral testimony, please contact:

Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability
ATTN: Facility Closure
703 Stratton Building
Springfield, IL 62706



Please include:
Facility Being Closed:
Your Position:   (Proponent, Opponent, or No position)
The type of Testimony you would like to give:   (Oral Testimony at the hearing, Written Statement Filed, or Record of Appearance Only)
Email (if you would like confirmation):

If you are wanting to provide oral testimony, please include:
Your relationship to the Facility:   (Employee, Client, Family of Client, Concerned Citizen, Advocate, etc.)
Organization (if applicable):
Title (if applicable):

To better ensure your name being on the agenda, please remit your request to give oral testimony 2 business days prior to the public hearing. Oral testimony can still be given if your name is not on the agenda. Please limit testimony to 2 minutes.

If submitting written testimony or comments via email, please send the written material:

  1. as a .pdf file,
  2. as a word document, or
  3. in the body of the email.