Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability
Donald Moffitt, Co-Chair
Donne Trotter, Co-Chair
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Monthly Briefings
   FY2016 Monthly Briefings
Revenue: FY 2016 Federal Sources Weak While Other Revenues Finish Close to Expectations
Economy: Mid-Year Events Raise New Challenges
Interfund Borrowing Repayment Change
June 2016 Bond Sale and Downgrades
Economy: Awaiting The Next Interest Rate Hike
State Employees Group Insurance Program Status Update
Revenue: May Revenues Drop On Weak Federal Sources And Lower Transfers
Economy: A Three-peat?
Revenue: As Expected, April Revenues Plummet
State Employees Group Insurance Program Status Update
Facility Closure, Kewanee IYC
Pensions: Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund; Chicago Board of Education and State Contributions for FY 2017
Economy: Direction of Federal Reserve Policy
Illinois Employment/Wage Updates
Revenue: March Revenues Down On Mixed Results
Economy: Illinois’ Economic U-Turn
Revenue: February Revenues Post Modest Increase
Economy: Does A Recession Lie Ahead?
Revenue: January Revenues Fall
January 2016 Bond Sale
State Employees Group Insurance Program Status Update
Illinois Gaming Statistics
Summary of Proposed Employer Contribution Rates for TRS Early Retirement Option (ERO)
Economy: The Die Is Cast
Revenue: December Receipts Down
Economy: Consumer Caution
Revenue: November Receipts Mixed
Economy: Happy Holidays?
Illinois General Obligation Bond Downgrades
Revenue: October Revenues Follow Suit As Monthly Receipts Reflect Lower Income Tax Rates
State Employee Group Insurance Program (SEGIP) Status Update
Economy: Role of Manufacturing
Revenue: Receipts Continue To Reflect Lower Income Tax Rates
Pensions: Summary of the TRS 2015 Experience Study
Economy: Running Out of Gas or Stepping on the Accelerator?
Revenue: August Revenues Reflect Lower Income Tax Rates
Economy: Not Much of a Rebound
Revenue: July Revenues Fall as Expected, Receipts Continue to Reflect Lower Income Tax Rate
Pension: Legislative Overview
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