Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability
Robert Pritchard, Co-Chair
Donne Trotter, Co-Chair
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Monthly Briefings
   FY2017 Monthly Briefings
Economy: Illinois
Revenue: May Revenues Up, Year-to-Date Remain Weak
Illinois Bond Rating Lowered Again
State Employees Group Insurance Program Status Update
Economy: Divergent Readings
Downgrades of Illinois Universities
Revenue: Strong Federal Sources Mitigate Weakness
Economy: The Federal Reserve Revisited
Revenue: March Posts Modest Overall Gain on Mixed Results
State Employees Group Insurance Program Status Update
Economy: Inflation May Be Key to Fed Policy
Revenue: February Freefall – Significant Downward Adjustment Coming in March
Economy: It’s About Jobs
Illinois Employment and Wage Update
Revenue: January Receipts Drop As Weaker Income Tax and Federal Sources Offset Other Gains
Fitch Downgrades Illinois’ General Obligation Bond Ratings to BBB
State Employees Group Insurance Program Status Update
Economy: Entering a New Year
Revenue: December Revenues Drop With First Half Performance Reminiscent of Past Recessionary Levels
Economy: Return of Fiscal Policy
Revenue: November Revenues Weak As Concern Grows
October and November 2016 Bond Sales and Latest Downgrade
Pensions: Report on the 90% Pension Funding Target of P.A. 88-593
Economy: Is the Improvement Temporary?
Revenue: October Revenues Stumble As Federal Sources and Corporate Income Tax Decline
State Employees Group Insurance Program Status Update
Economy: Fed Postpones Rate Increase Again
Bond Sale Update
Group Insurance Update
Revenue: September Revenues Fall Due to Weaker Income Tax Collections
Economy: Unscrambling Illinois Employment Picture
Revenue: August Revenues Up Modestly on Mixed Results
Pension: Summary of Governor Rauner’s Amendatory Veto of SB 440
Economcy: At a Standstill
Group Insurance Update
Revenue: FY 2017 Begins With Weak July
Pensions: Legislative Overview
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