Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability
C.D. Davidsmeyer, Co-Chair
Heather Steans, Co-Chair
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Monthly Briefings
   FY2019 Monthly Briefing
Revenue: FY 2019 Ends With Federal Source Surge – Revenues Finish Very Close to Expectations
Illinois Economic Indicators
FY 2018 – FY 2021 Interfund Borrowing
Investing to Reduce Illinois’ Backlog
Recertified State Pension Contributions for FY 2019 (P.A. 100-0587)
2019 Pension Legislation Overview
Ecomomy: Have Expectations Changed?
Revenue: Weaker May Revenues Reflect Poor Federal Receipts; Other Lines Experience Mixed Results
Economy: Is the U.S. Headed for a Recession or Not?
April 2019 Bond Sale and Ratings
Revenue: Strong Income Tax and Federal Source Receipts Fuel April’s Impressive Performance
State Employees Group Insurance Program Annual Update
FY 2020 Capital Plan Analysis
Illinois Economic Indicators
Revenue: March Receipt Growth Decent
Illinois Employment and Wage Update
Illinois Economic Indicators
Revenue: February Receipts Unremarkable As Federal Sources Disappoint
2018 Gaming Statistics
Illinois Economic Indicators
Revenue: Despite Decline, January Revenue Performance Viewed as Solid
Economy: What’s to Come?
Revenue: December Revenues Up Modestly
Economy: Appears Bright for Strong Holiday Sales
November 2018 Interfund Borrowing
Revenue: As Expected, November 2017’s Surge in Reimbursements Results in Large Monthly Decline from Federal Sources in 2018
Higher Levels of Inflation
October 2018 Build Illinois Bond Sales and Downgrade
Revenue: Personal Income and Sales Tax Do Well In October as Overall Transfers Weaken
Illinois Employment and Wage Update
Revenue: September Revenues Mixed – Weak Federal Receipts Soften Good Performance of Economic Sources
Economy: Exports Strengthen Despite Uncertainties
Series of September 2018 Bond Sale
Revenue: August Revenues Down – Reflecting Last Year’s Strong Federal Receipts
Illinois Video Gaming Statistics
Revenue: FY 2019 Revenues Begin with Mixed Results
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