Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability
C.D. Davidsmeyer, Co-Chair
Heather Steans, Co-Chair
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Monthly Briefings
   FY2018 Monthly Briefing
Economy: Supreme Court Allows for Internet Sales Tax Collection
Revenue: FY 2018 Revenue Finishes on Positive Note
Special Transfers for FY 2018
Pension: Legislative Overview
Economy: Concern of an Inverted Yield Curve Emerges
Bonds: Fitch Downgrades Build Illinois Bonds
Revenue: May Revenues Mixed as Gains Fueled by Comparatively Stronger Federal Sources
May Special Transfers for FY 2018
10-Year Anniversary of the Great Recession: Part 3 – Housing
May 2018 Bond Sale
Revenue: April Receipts Bolstered by Extra Receipting Day – Strong Last Day Likely Reflects One-Time Non-Wage Revenues
Illinois Employment and Wage Update
State Employees’ Group Insurance Program Review
Revenue: March Receipts Mixed
Revenue: February Receipts Grow Significantly Compared to Last Year’s Dismal Performance
FY 2019 Revenue Forecast and Updated FY 2018 Estimate
Illinois Economic Indicators
February Special Transfers for FY 2018
Economy: A Big Piece of the Economy – Consumer Spending
State Employees Group Insurance Program: Status Update
Revenue: January Receipts Grow on Strong Income Tax Receipts – But Performance Likely Timing Related
Economy: 10-Year Anniversary of the Great Recession, Part 1
December 2017 Bond Sale and Ratings
Revenue: Bonds Sale Proceeds Used to Pay Oldest Medical Bills Result in Federal Reimbursement Surge
Economy: Illinois in Perspective
November 2017 Bond Sales and Ratings
October Special Transfer for FY 2018
Revenue: October Receipt Gains Reflect Higher Income Tax Rates, Fund Sweeps, and Fund Transfers
Economy: Will the Housing Market Recover Again?
Illinois Employment and Wage Update
State Employee Group Insurance Program Status Update
Revenue: September Income Tax Gains Reflect Rate Changes, Federal Sources Unable to Maintain Momentum
Economy: Illinois Exports Strengthen
Illinois Employment and Wage Update (Part 1)
Special Transfers for FY 2018
Revenue: August Gains Reflect Tax Rate Changes, Fund Sweeps/Interfund Borrowing and Strong Federal Sources
Economy: Illinois facing shrinking labor force
Credit Rating Agencies’ Actions after the State Passed a Budget
Revenue: July Receipt Growth Reflects New Income Tax Rates As Well As Other Changes
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