Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability
C.D. Davidsmeyer, Co-Chair
David Koehler, Co-Chair
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Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability Profile



Springfield: 802 Stratton Building; 62706

(217) 782-5320 -- (217) 782-3513 (Fax)


The Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability (CGFA) was created originally as the Economic and Fiscal Commission in 1972 by the 77th General Assembly. CGFA provides the Legislature with research and information regarding state and national economies, revenue projections and operations of Illinois Government. In 1979, the Commission was further charged by the 81st General Assembly with monitoring the long-term debt position of Illinois. The General Assembly later made the Commission responsible for monitoring the administration of the State Employee Group Insurance Program.


CGFA is mandated to report to the General Assembly "on economic trends in relation to long-range planning and budgeting; and to study and make such recommendations as it deems appropriate on local and regional economic and fiscal policies and on federal fiscal policy as it may affect Illinois..." This mandate results in several reports on various issues being published throughout the year, including the Revenue Estimate and Economic Outlook, which describes and projects economic conditions and its impact on state revenues; the Legislative Capital Plan Analysis, which examines the State's capital appropriations plan and debt position; the Liabilities of the State Employees Group Insurance Program, which provides the General Assembly with an estimate of liabilities of the Group Insurance Program each fiscal year; and the annual Budget Summary.


Responsibilities of the Pension Laws Commission were absorbed by the Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability and the name changed from the Illinois Economic and Fiscal Commission effective February 1, 2004. These duties include reviewing the laws and practices relating to public pensions, retirement and disability benefits for people serving in State or local government and their survivors and dependents.  The Commission evaluates existing laws and practices and makes recommendations on proposed changes to the Illinois Pension Code and annually issues a Report on the Financial Condition of Illinois Public Pension Systems..


CGFA prepares special topic reports on issues that have or could have an impact on the economic well-being of Illinois.  Additional responsibilities include administration of the State Facility Closure Act and statutory duties set out in the Debt Responsibility Act.  The Commission also prepares specific revenue, debt impact, and pension notes on proposed legislation in those areas.


The Commission consists of 12 members as mandated by the Legislative Commission Reorganization Act of 1984. The four legislative leaders each appoint three members.