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Meeting Information
March 7, 2012 Meeting Agenda and Audio
Initial Notice Posted on February 27, 2012
Jacksonville Developmental Center Agenda March 7, 2012


Purpose: State Facility Closure Act Hearing
Jacksonville Developmental Center

March 7, 2012; 5:00 p.m.
Bruner Recreation Center, Illinois College, Edgehill Road & Lincoln Ave., Jacksonville, IL 62650

  1. Call to Order:
    1. Co-Chair Senator Jeffrey M. Schoenberg
    2. Co-Chair Representative Patricia Bellock
  2. State of Illinois Executive Branch Officials
    1. Office of the Governor:
      1. Mark Doyle, Transition of Care Coordinator
      2. Michael Gelder, Senior Health Policy Advisor

    2. Illinois Department of Human Services
      1. Michelle R.B. Saddler, Secretary
      2. Kevin Casey, Director, Division of Developmental Disabilities
      3. Robert Brock, Budget Director

    3. Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities
      1. Dr. Sheila Romano, Executive Director
  3. Elected Officials
    1. Wm. Sam McCann, State Senator, 49th District
    2. Jim Watson, State Representative, 97th District
    3. Andy Ezard, Mayor, City of Jacksonville
    4. Randy Duvendack, Sheriff, Morgan County
    5. Tony Grootens, Chief of Police, City of Jacksonville
  4. Advocacy Organizations
    1. Cheryl Jansen, Legislative Director, Equip for Equality
    2. Amber Smock, Director of Advocacy, Access Living
    3. Barbara Pritchard, Community for All Coalition
  5. Employee Organizations, Unions and Associations
    1. Henry Bayer, Executive Director, AFSCME Council 31
    2. Rick Lezu., Staff Representative, Illinois Nurses Association
  6. Community Organizations and Other Interested Parties
    1. Ginny Fanning, Executive Director, Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce
    2. Terry Denison, President, Jacksonville Regional Economic Development
    3. Jacque McDaniel
  7. Family Members and Guardians 1
    1. Lorna Dempster
    2. Jagat Dhamrait
    3. Joanne Dorn
    4. Sharon Pfeiffer
    5. Grace Gilmore
    6. Leta Langdon
    7. June DeWerff
    8. Michelle Fryer
    9. Jeanine Williams
    10. Lorna Jones
    11. Deborah Stype
    12. Jill Wikeljohn
    13. Raj Dhamrait
    14. Preeteka Dhamrait
  8. Public Comments
  9. Old Business
  10. New Business
  11. Announcements
    1. Next Meeting - Tinley Park Mental Health Center
           Date: Monday - 3/12/2012
           Time: 4:30 p.m.
           Location: Lincoln-Way East High School, Frankfort, IL
  12. Adjournment


Public Comments and Testimony

Meeting Audio