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C.D. Davidsmeyer, Co-Chair
David Koehler, Co-Chair
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Meeting Information
April 20, 2012 Meeting Agenda – Warren G. Murray DC
Initial Notice Posted on March 27, 2012
Jacksonville Developmental Center Agenda March 7, 2012


Purpose: State Facility Closure Act Hearing
Warren G. Murray Developmental Center

April 20, 2012; 3:00 p.m.
Centralia High School, 2100 East Calumet St., Centralia, IL 62801

  1. Call to Order:
    1. Co-Chair Senator Jeffrey M. Schoenberg
    2. Co-Chair Representative Patricia Bellock
  2. State of Illinois Executive Branch Officials
    1. Office of the Governor:
      1. Michael Gelder, Senior Health Policy Advisor
      2. Mark Doyle, Transition of Care Manager

    2. Illinois Department of Human Services
      1. Michelle R.B. Saddler, Secretary
      2. Kevin Casey, Director, Division of Developmental Disabilities
      3. Robert Brock, Budget Director

    3. Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities
      1. Deb Goodman
      2. Diana Braun
  3. Murray Developmental Center Residents
    1. Kimberly Leonard
  4. Elected Officials
    1. John O. Jones, Senator, 54th District
    2. Kyle McCarter, Senator, 51st District
    3. Gary Forby, Senator, 59th District
    4. James F. Clayborne, Jr., Senator, 57th District
    5. John D. Cavaletto, Representative, 107th District
    6. Brandon W. Phelps, Representative, 118th District
    7. Paul Evans, Representative, 102nd District
    8. Tom Ashby, Mayor, City of Centralia
    9. Jackie D. Mathus, Jr., Mayor, City of Wamac
    10. Charlie Hilmes, Mayor, City of Breese
    11. Ray Kloeckner, Chair, Clinton County Board
    12. Terry Johnston, Chair, Marion County Board
    13. David Meyer, Chair, Washington County Board
    14. Dan Ramey, City Manager, City of Centralia
    15. David Sauer, Councilman, City of Centralia
    16. Dr. Jim Underwood, President, Kaskaskia College
  5. Advocacy Organizations
    1. Greg Shaver, Kaskaskia Workshop
    2. Vicki Niederhofer, Former Director, Murray Developmental Center
    3. Sherlyn Jeffiries, Vice President, Phoenix Group Foundation of Centralia
    4. William Gorman, Executive Director, Statewide Independent Living Council of Illinois
    5. Ruth Thompson, Executive Director, Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities of Illinois
    6. Tony Paulauski, Executive Director, The Arc of Illinois
    7. Barb Pritchard, Community for All Coalition
    8. Cheryl R. Jansen, Legislative Director, Equip for Equality
    9. Lynn Jarman, Executive Director, Living Independently Now Center
    10. Charlotte Goodman, Self-Advocate
    11. Robert Gould, Project Director on Policy Research, Institute on Disability and Human Development
  6. Family Members and Guardians 1
    1. Ray Vest
    2. Denise Schoppet
    3. Judy Groner
    4. Monica Sobczak
    5. Karen Kelly
    6. Sandra Bartnick
    7. Jessica Conyers
    8. Lola Mccrory
    9. William Henson
    10. Carmen Jackson
    11. Sara Biegeleisen
    12. Rita Winkeler
  7. Employee Organizations, Unions and Associations
    1. Henry Bayer, Executive Director, AFSCME Council 31
    2. Joseph White, President, AFSCME Local 401
    3. Rick Lezu., Staff Specialist, Illinois Nurses Association
  8. Health Organizations and Business
    1. Mike Egbert, Executive Director, Opportunities for Access
    2. Bruce Merrell, President, St. Mary's Hospital
    3. Art Borum, South Central Illinois Growth Alliance
    4. Bob Kelsheimer, Greater Centralia Chamber of Commerce
    5. Mike Reed
    6. Jeanne Gustafson, Economic Development Director, City of Centralia
  9. Community Organizations and Other Interested Parties
    1. Ashley Taylor, Student Representative
    2. Lauren Branon, Student Representative
    3. Troy Cannon, Former Investigator, DHS Office of the Inspector General
    4. Rev. Dr. Philip W. Chapman, Pastor, Zion UCC
    5. Vernell Burris
    6. Charlie Meier
    7. Jack Mann, Business Manager, Retired
  10. Employees
    1. Margaret Barton, Habilitation Program Coordinator
    2. Celeste Stratemeyer, Speech-language Pathologist
    3. Melissa Cavitt, Public Service Administrator
    4. Donna Perchez, Educator
    5. Patricia Marke, Habilitation Program Coordinator
    6. Jennifer Wernsman, Habilitation Program Coordinator
    7. Bobbi Gormann, Registered Nurse
    8. Jeff Wehking, Staff Development Specialist
    9. Josh Tate
    10. Denis Lueking
    11. Mark McConnaughay, Registered Nurse
    12. Chris Oehmke
  11. Family Members and Guardians 2
    1. William Bartnik
    2. Karen Rosa
    3. Robert Birge
    4. Jeff Hacker
    5. Marsha Holzhauer
    6. David Florczyk
    7. Joseph Schoppet
  12. Public Comments
  13. Old Business
  14. New Business
  15. Announcements
    1. Next Meeting - Peoria Adult Transition Center
           Monday, April 23rd, 12:00 p.m., Peoria Public Library - Main Branch
  16. Adjournment

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