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Meeting Information
October 26, 2011 Meeting Agenda and Audio - Logan
Initial Notice Posted on October 04, 2011
Logan Correctional Center Agenda October 26, 2011


Purpose: State Facility Closure Act Hearing
Illinois Department of Corrections - Logan Correctional Center Closure

October 26 2011; 5:00 p.m.
Chapel Auditorium, Lincoln Christian University
100 Campus View Drive, Lincoln, Illinois 62656

  1. Call to Order:
    1. Co-Chair Senator Jeffrey M. Schoenberg
    2. Co-Chair Representative Patricia Bellock
  2. State of Illinois Executive Branch Officials
    1. Governor's Office of Management and Budget:
      1. David Vaught, Director

    2. Illinois Department of Corrections
      1. S.A. Godinez, Director
      2. Bryan Gleckler, Chief Financial Officer
      3. Anne McElroy, Chief of Labor Relations
  3. Elected Officials
    1. Raymond Poe, State Representative, 99th District
    2. Rich Brauer, State Representative, 100th District
    3. Bill Mitchell, State Representative, 87th District
    4. Larry Bomke, State Senator, 50th District
    5. Bill Brady, State Senator, 44th District
    6. Keith Snyder, Mayor, City of Lincoln
    7. Fred Finchum, Mayor, City of Atlanta
    8. Patrick O'Neil, Member, Logan County Board
    9. Bob Farmer, Member, Logan County Board
    10. Aaron Schock (Tiffany Tebben), U.S. Representative, 18th Congressional District
    11. John Ailesworth, Fire Chief, City of Mount Pulaski
    12. Dr. Robert Kidd, Board Member, School District #27
    13. Bob Bagby, Superintendent, Lincoln Community High School District #404
  4. Employee Organizations, Unions and Associations
    1. Henry Bayer, Executive Director, AFSCME Council 31
    2. Kelly Shannon, President, AFSCME 2073
    3. Dale Ridgway, President, AFSCME Local 501
    4. Robin Best, RN, Staff Specialist, INA
  5. Advocacy Organizations
    1. Allan Mills, Uptown People's Law Center
  6. Business
    1. Karla Teasley, President, Illinois American Water
    2. Dave Schonauer, Superintendent, Illinois American Water
    3. Tim Leahy, Director of Governmental Affairs, Illinois American Water
    4. Andi Hake, Lincoln Logan County Chamber of Commerce
    5. Mike Maniscalco, Economic Development Partnership
    6. Chris Coyne, Agent, State Farm
    7. Shawn Taylor, Logan Lanes
    8. Chris Graue, Graue Chevrolet
    9. Geoff Ladd, Tourism Bureau
    10. Seth Goodman, Main Street Lincoln
    11. Glenda Alison, Realtor
  7. Employees
    1. Bill Hess, Correctional Officer
    2. Derrick McCray, Correctional Officer
    3. Tyler Fishel, Correctional Officer
    4. Lisa Lercher, Health Care Administrator
    5. Sherry Jennings, RN
    6. Tom Boesdorfer

  8. Community Organizations and Other Interested Parties
    1. Pastor Chuck Olander, Zion Lutheran Church
    2. Henry Johnson, Chaplain, Logan CC (retired)
    3. Angie Stoltzenburg, Community Action of Central Illinois
    4. Lois Leonard, United Way of Logan County
    5. Larry Crawford, Open Arms Fellowship Christian Church
    6. Dustin Fulton, Jefferson Street Christian Church
    7. Bill Overton, President of the Board, Lincoln/Logan Food Pantry
  9. General Public Comments
  10. Old Business
    1. H. Douglas Singer Mental Health Center
    2. Illinois Youth Center at Murphysboro
    3. Chester Mental Health Center
    4. Jack Mabley Developmental Center
    5. Jacksonville Developmental Center
  11. New Business
  12. Announcements
    1. Next Facility Closure Meeting
      Tuesday, November 1st at 3:00 p.m.
      Tinley Park Mental Health Center at the Tinley Park Convention Center
  13. Adjournment


Testimony and Records of Appearance


Meeting audio may be downloaded by using a right click on the audio icon and "Saving As". To listen, you must have a media player already installed, otherwise, download and install one from the following link.