Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability
C.D. Davidsmeyer, Co-Chair
David Koehler, Co-Chair
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Monthly Briefings
   FY2024 Monthly Briefings
U.S. Economy Slows but Remains on Solid Ground
Illinois Economic Indicators
Growth in Income Tax as a Percentage of Total Receipts
April Revenues Rise on Strength of Individual Income Tax Receipts but Gains Dampened by Weaker Corporate Income Tax Collections
Overview of the Commission’s Recently Released FY 2024 Revenue Estimate Update and FY 2025 Forecast
A Closer Look: The Net Operating Loss (NOL) Deduction
Illinois Economic Indicators
Cannabis Quarterly – 3rd Quarter FY 2024
FY 2025 State Employees’ Group Insurance Program Update
Revenue: Income Tax Reallocations and a Rise in Federal Dollars Help Spur Revenue Growth in March
Economy: Long and Bumpy Path
Illinois Economic Indicators
Overview of Gaming Related Revenues in CY 2023
Revenue: Revenues Rebound Nicely in February
Revenue Tables
Economy: Strong 4th Quarter
Illinois Economic Indicators
January 2024 Build Illinois Bond Sale
A Closer Look: Income Tax Refund Fund Transfers to the General Revenue Fund
Revenue: As Expected, Revenues Decline Significantly as Last Year’s Large Transfer Does Not Repeat
Economy: Prepare for Landing
Illinois Economic Indicators
Cannabis Quarterly – 2nd Quarter FY 2024
A Closer Look: Liquor Taxes and Fees
Revenue: Reallocations and Transfers Help Create Strong Month of Receipts in December
Economy: Employment Around the State
Illinois Economic Indicators
Fitch Upgrades Illinois’ General Obligation and Build Illinois Bond Ratings
November 2023 General Obligation Bond Sale
Revenue: November Revenues Slip Slightly, but Year-to-Date Totals Remain Solid
Economy: Stellar Third Quarter
Illinois Economic Indicators
A Closer Look: Insurance Taxes and Fees
Revenue: General Funds Receipts Rise in October with Large Boost from Federal Sources
Economy: Higher for Longer
Illinois Economic Indicators
Cannabis Quarterly – 1st Quarter FY 2024
Overview of Gaming Related Revenues in FY 2023
Retirement of the Railsplitter Tobacco Settlement Authority Bonds
General Funds Receipts Rise in September with the Aid of Reallocations and Transfers
Economy: FY 2023 Employment and Wage Date
Illinois Economic Indicators
A Closer Look: Interest on State Funds and Investments
Revenue: General Funds Receipts Fall Slightly, but FY 2024 Still Off to Solid Start
Economy: Economy Accelerates in the 2nd Quarter
Illinois Economic Indicators
A Closer Look: Public Utility Taxes in Illinois
Revenue: General Funds Base Receipts Start FY 2024 Off Strong, but Absence of Federal Reimbursements Results in Overall Decline in July
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