Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability
C.D. Davidsmeyer, Co-Chair
David Koehler, Co-Chair
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Monthly Briefings
   FY2023 Monthly Briefings
Economy: After a Tough Year, Housing Shows Signs of Improvement
Illinois Economic Indicators
Pass-Through Entity Tax
Revenue: General Funds Revenues See $677 Million Improvement in May, Helping to Recoup a Portion of April’s Losses
Revenues: State Revenues in April See Significant Drop as Final Tax Receipts Fall Well Short of Last Year’s Historic Levels
Revenue Tables
Update on the FY 2023 General Funds Revenue Forecast
Update on the FY 2024 General Funds Revenue Forecast
The Volatility of April Income Tax Receipts Continues into 2023
Economy: U.S. Economy Slows in First Quarter as Expansion Continues
Illinois Economic Indicators
Adult Use Cannabis in Illinois
April 2023 General Obligation Bond Sale
Overview of the Commission’s Recently Released FY 2023 Revenue Estimate and FY 2024 Forecast
Revenue: General Funds Revenues See First Decline of FY 2023 as March Receipts Cannot Repeat Last Year’s Torrid Pace
Economy: Industrial Midwest Comparison
Illinois Economic Indicators
Cannabis Quarterly – 3rd Quarter FY 2023
Moody’s Upgrades Illinois’ General Obligation and Build Illinois Bonds
FY 2024 State Employees’ Group Insurance Program Update
Economy: Economic Volatility Complicates Forecasting
Illinois Economic Indicators
Standard & Poor’s Upgrades Illinois’ General Obligation and Build Illinois Bonds
Update on Sports Wagering
Revenue: General Funds Continue Its Net Positive Streak as Revenues Rise Another $256 Million in February
Gaming Revenues Continue to Rise on the Dawn Before Further Expansion
Economy: Return of Growth in 2ndHalf of Year
Illinois Economic Indicators
Revenue: January Revenues Rise on Strength of Transfers, Offsetting Anticipated Falloff in Income Tax Receipts
Composition of the Illinois Economy
Illinois Economic Indicators
Cannabis Quarterly – 2nd Quarter FY 2023
A Look Back at the Tax and Fee Changes of the 101st General Assembly
Revenue: While December Federal Sources Spike, Many Other Revenue Sources Experience Slowing
Despite Economic Concerns, General Funds Revenues Continue to Amaze, Prompting Upward Adjustment of FY 2023 Outlook
Revenue Tables
Economy: Third Quarter Revised Up, Jobs Continue to Moderate
Illinois Economic Indicators
Tax Revenue from Motor Fuel
Economy: Rebound in the Third Quarter
Illinois Economic Indicators
2020 Census Report Summary
Revenue: Monthly Gains Continue as Growth from Income Taxes, Federal Sources, and Transfers Bolster October Receipts
Economy: Tight Labor Market and Inflation Keep Fed Busy
Illinois Economic Indicators
Cannabis Quarterly – 1st Quarter FY 2023
October Sports Wagering Update
October 2022 General Obligation Bond Sale
Revenue: September Revenues Increase on Strength of State Sources and Transfers
Economy: FY 2022 Employment Data
Illinois Economic Indicators
Illinois’ “Rainy Day Fund”
Revenue: August Revenues Increase on Strength of “Big Three” Revenue Sources and Federal Reimbursements
Illinois Casinos See Huge Increases in FY 2022, but Still Remain Below Pre-Pandemic Levels
Economy: Slowdown or Recession?
Illinois Economic Indicators
Revenue: Strong Influx of Federal Revenues Fuel Overall Increase in July Receipts – Economic Sources Experience Moderate Growth
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