Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability
C.D. Davidsmeyer, Co-Chair
David Koehler, Co-Chair
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Monthly Briefings
   FY2021 Monthly Briefings
Perspective on Illinois’ Latest Employment Data
Illinois Economic Indicators
REVENUE: May Revenues Jump from Timing of Final Personal Income Tax Payments, Stronger Sales Tax compared to Peak COVID Period, and Higher Federal Sources
Consumer Behavior Post COVID
Illinois Economic Indicators
Cannabis Quarterly – 3rd Quarter FY 2021
FY 2022 Capital Plan Appropriations Request
The Recent Volatility of April Tax Receipts
Revenue: April Revenues Change Course from Last Year’s Perfect Strom – Receipts Snap Back Due to Timing and Strong Underlying Economic Performance
FY 2022 State Employees Group Insurance Plan Summary
March 2021 General Obligation Bond Sale
Illinois Economic Indicators
Revenue: Strong Performance from Economic Sources Fuels March Gains—Offsets Weaker Federal Sources and Transfers
The Impact of the Pandemic on 2020 Gaming Statistics
ECONOMY: Inflation Concerns are Growing
Illinois Economic Indicators
REVENUE: February Receipts Grow On Comparatively Stronger Federal Receipts – Economic Sources Experience Modest Growth
Economy Poised to Grow
Illinois Economic Indicators
Illinois Employment and Wage Update
Revenue: January Receipts Flat Overall—Fall Off in Federal Sources Conceals Strong Tax Receipting
December 2020 Short-Term Borrowing
Illinois Economic Indicators
Recreational Cannabis—Through 2nd Quarter FY 2021
Revenue: $2B Borrowing Results In Soaring Federal Sources Receipts—December Base Revenues Shrug Off Economic Uncertainty to Post Decent Gains
Revenue: While November Federal Sources Spike, Most Other Revenues Experience Slowing
Illinois Economic Indicators
Revenue Tables
Updated FY 2021 Revenue Outlook
Updated FY 2021 Revenue Estimate Comparison – CGFA and GOMB
Recent Developments
Sales Tax Buoyed by Consumer Spending on Goods
Illinois Economic Indicators
October 2020 G.O. Bond Sale
Revenue: While Economic Sources Again Post Modest Monthly Gains, Overall October Revenues Drop Due to Much Weaker Federal Sources and One-Time 2019 Court Settlement Proceeds
The Impact of the Pandemic on FY 2020 Gaming Statistics
Recreational Cannabis
Illinois Economic Indicators
Revenue: September Revenues Drop Due to Weak Federal Sources—Economic Sources and Transfers Manage to Post Meager Gains
Looking Into the Future
Illinois Economic Indicators
COVID-19 Impact on Motor Fuel Tax Revenues
Revenue: August Revenue Growth Still Reflects Timing from Delayed Tax Day Deadline—Federal Sources Also Grow But Gains Partially Offset By Weaker Transfers
Illinois Unemployment and Wage Update
ECONOMY: No Interest Hikes for a While
Illinois Economic Indicators
REVENUE: Delayed Tax Day Deadline Boosts July Income Tax Receipts—Gains Partially Offset By Weaker Transfers and Federal Sources
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