Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability
C.D. Davidsmeyer, Co-Chair
David Koehler, Co-Chair
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Meeting Information
February 7, 2012 Meeting Agenda and Audio
Initial Notice Posted on February 01, 2012
Facility Closure Hearing February 7, 2012


Facility Closure Hearing

Tuesday, February 7, 2012 - 10:00 a.m.
Room 212 Capitol Building

  1. Call to Order:
    1. Co-Chair Senator Jeffrey M. Schoenberg
    2. Co-Chair Representative Patricia Bellock

  2. Testimony from the Office of the Governor and the Department of Human Services (JDC and Tinley Park MHC)
    1. Michelle Saddler, Secretary, Illinois Department of Human Services
    2. Mark Doyle, Transition of Care Project Manager, Office of the Governor
    3. Kevin Casey, Director, DHS Division of Developmental Disabilities
    4. Debra Ferguson, Senior Deputy and Chief of Clinical Operations, DHS Division of Mental Health
    5. Michael Gelder, Senior Health Policy Advisor, Office of the Governor

  3. Public Comment

  4. Adjournment


DHS Documents:

SODC Implementation Outline & Key Features
SODC Resident Needs Eval. Flow Chart
RFI/RFA Flow Chart
Transition Plan Flow Chart
CRA DHS Announcement Letter
SODC Rebalancing Project Plan
Tinley Park Region 1S Plan
SOPH Rebalancing Project Plan