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Meeting Information
April 2, 2012 Meeting Agenda - Tamms CC
Initial Notice Posted on March 20, 2012
Tamms Correctional Center Agenda April 2, 2012


Purpose: State Facility Closure Act Hearing
Tamms Correctional Center

April 2, 2012; 12:00 p.m.
Shawnee Community College
8364 Shawnee College Road, Ullin, Illinois 62992

  1. Call to Order:
    1. Co-Chair Senator Jeffrey M. Schoenberg
    2. Co-Chair Representative Patricia Bellock
  2. State of Illinois Executive Branch Officials
    1. Illinois Department of Corrections
      1. S.A. Godinez, Director
      2. Bryan Gleckler, Chief Financial Officer
      3. Anne McElroy, Chief of Labor Relations

    2. Governor's Office of Management and Budget:
      1. Austin Baidas, Associate Director
  3. Elected Officials
    1. Gary Forby, Senator, 59th District
    2. Brandon Phelps, State Representative, 118th District
    3. Carol Mitchell, Village President, Village of Tamms
    4. Jim Cross, Mayor, City of Anna
    5. Lamar Houston, Vice Mayor, Village of Tamms
    6. Don Denny, Commissioner, Union County Board
    7. Mike Caldwell, Chairman, Alexander County Board of Commissioners
    8. Janet Ulrich, Superintendent, Regional Office of Education District #02
  4. Advocacy Organizations
    1. David C. Fathi, Director, ACLU National Prison Project
    2. Debra Erenberg, Midwest Regional Director, Amnesty International USA
    3. Alan Mills, Uptown People's Law Center
    4. Jean Maclean Snyder, Concerned Prisoner's Rights Attorney
    5. Laurie Jo Reynolds, Organizer, Tamms Year Ten
    6. Professor Stephen F. Eisenman, Tamms Year Ten
    7. Claire Leslie, Coordinator, Midwest Coalition for Human Rights
    8. Brian Nelson, Paralegal, Uptown People's Law Center
  5. Employee Organizations, Unions and Associations
    1. Henry Bayer, Executive Director, AFSCME Council 31
    2. Jason Woolard, Southern Illinois Central Labor Council
    3. William Thurston, Chair, Southern Illinois AFL-CIO COPE
    4. Toby Oliver, President, AFSCME Local 2758
    5. Gerald W. Raines, Acting President, Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #263
    6. Dale Ridgway, President, AFSCME Local 501
    7. Michael Stout, Business Manager, ISEA Laborers' Local 2002
    8. John Blance, Member, ISEA Laborers' Local 2002
    9. Brian Kuder, ISEA Laborers' Local 2002
  6. Former Prisoners and Family Members 1
    1. Brian Nelson
    2. Robert Felton
    3. Darrell Cannon
    4. Johnnie Walton
    5. Rose Sifuentes
    6. Lori Davis-Hood
    7. Janice Burnom
    8. Brenda Smith
  7. Corrections Professionals
    1. Larry Mizel, IDOC, Director, retired
    2. George Welborn, Tamms Warden, retired
    3. Rick Bard, IDOC Chief of Operations, retired
    4. Joseph Ponte, Commissioner, Maine Department of Corrections

  8. Business
    1. Rex Wilburn, Board President, Southernmost Illinois Delta Empowerment Zone
    2. Amy Cox, Executive Director, Southernmost Illinois Delta Empowerment Zone
    3. Clint Green, Executive Director, Pulaski County Development Association
    4. Chris Boyd, Vice President Member Services, Southern IL Electric Coop and Executive VP, Southwater
  9. Community Organizations and Other Interested Parties
    1. Michael C. Batinski, Southern Illinois Quakers
    2. Heather Rice, Director of U.S. Prisons Policy and Program, National Religious Campaign Against Torture (NRCAT)
    3. Elsie M. Speck
    4. Father Jerome Fortenberry
    5. Warren Mitchell
    6. Mark Minor
    7. Cecile Harbison
    8. Dr. Tim Bellamey, Vice-President, Shawnee Community College
  10. Employees
    1. Michael Mcclelland, Lieutenant
    2. Randall Clark, Lieutenant
    3. Stan Patton, Correctional Officer, retired
    4. Dr. Marvin Powers, Medical Director
    5. Chip Markel, Chief of Security, retired
    6. Robert DuBois, retired
  11. Family Members 2
    1. Herman Townsend
    2. April Sanchez
    3. Rolanda Aden-Hussey
    4. Annette Franklin
    5. Grace Warren
    6. Janice Pohlman
    7. Annette Thigpen
    8. Hector Delgado
  12. Public Comments
  13. Old Business
  14. New Business
  15. Announcements - Future Facility Closure Hearings
    1. IYC-Joliet, April 4th, 10:00 a.m., Renaissance Center, Joliet
    2. Dwight Correctional Center, April 4th, 4:00 p.m., Dwight High School
    3. Westside ATC, April 10th, 10:00 a.m., Bilandic Building
    4. Tinley Park MHC, April 10th, 3:00 p.m., South Suburban College
    5. Murray Developmental Center, April 20th, 3:00 p.m. Centralia High School
  16. Adjournment



Testimony and Witness Slips