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Meeting Information
October 12, 2011 Meeting Agenda and Audio – Chester
Initial Notice Posted on September 27, 2011
Chester Mental Health Center Agenda October 12, 2011


Purpose: State Facility Closure Act Hearing
Illinois Department of Human Services - Chester Mental Health Center Closure

October 12, 2011; 4:00 p.m.
Chester High School, 1901 Swanwick St., Chester IL 62233

  1. Call to Order and Summary of State Facility Closure Act:
    1. Co-Chairs Senator Jeffrey M. Schoenberg / Representative Patricia Bellock
  2. State of Illinois Executive Branch Officials
    1. Illinois Department of Human Services
      1. Michelle R.B. Saddler, Secretary
      2. Grace Hou, Assistant Secretary
      3. Lorrie Rickman Jones, Ph.D., Director of Mental Health
      4. Robert Brock, Budget Director
      5. Jeff Kunz, Bureau Chief, Bureau of Labor Relations
      6. Michael Pelletier, Director of Special Projects, Division of Mental Health
    2. Governor's Office of Management and Budget:
      1. David Vaught, Director
  3. Elected Officials
    1. Dave Luechtefeld, State Senator, 58th District
    2. Jerry Costello II, State Representative, 116th District
    3. Joe Eggemeyer, Mayor, City of Chester
  4. Employee Organizations, Unions and Associations
    1. Henry Bayer, Executive Director, AFSCME Council 31
    2. Matthew Grau, President, AFSCME Local 424
    3. Jason Woolard, Southern Illinois Central Labor Council
    4. William Thurston, Chair, Southern Illinois AFL-CIO COPE
    5. Rick Lezu, Staff Representative, Illinois Nurses' Association
    6. Logan Roche, Business Agent, Carpenters Union
  5. Health Organizations:
    1. Steve Hayes, Administrator, Memorial Hospital
    2. Joann Emge, Administrator, Sparta Community Hospital
    3. Shane Watson, Administrator, Red Bud Regional Hospital
    4. Gary Buatte, Executive Director, Human Service Center
  6. Advocacy Organizations
    1. Mark Rudolph, Executive Director, National Alliance on Mental Illness Southwestern Illinois
    2. Cheryl Jansen, Legislative Policy Director, Equip for Equality
    3. AJ French, Executive Director, Sacred Creations
  7. Business
    1. Christopher Martin, Economic Development Coordinator, Randolph County
    2. Tom Welge, President, Chester Chamber of Commerce
    3. Michael Franklin, Regional Vice President, Frontier Star
  8. Employees
    1. Joseph L. Harper, Clinical Social Worker
    2. Dr. Tom Holt, Psychologist III

    3. About Mental Illness and our Population
      1. Nageswararao Vallabhenaneni, Psychiatrist
      2. Rhonda Wilson, Registered Nurse
      3. Michael Fogerson, Chaplain/Pastor, First Baptist Chester Church

    4. CMHC - Facility Specific Information
      1. Eric Vana, RN 1
      2. Wayne Womac, Psychologist
      3. Dr. Susan Carr, Physician
      4. David Dunker, Retired Administrative Assistant
      5. Tim Koeneman, STA I
      6. John Greatting, STA I
      7. Brenda Shemoney, LPN/STA I
      8. Leah Hammel, RN/Infection Control Coordinator
      9. Emily Bollmann, LCSW, Social Worker IV
      10. Deb Rathert, RN-INA Union President
      11. Mike Parker, Public Service Administrator
      12. Lisa Morgan, Dietary Supervisor

    5. Patient Perspective
      1. Shirley Shaw, Social Worker

    6. Impact on Patient after Closures
      1. Maria Maldonado, Psychologist

    7. Violent Patients/Injured Staff
      1. Vanessa Broussard, LCSW PSA
      2. Mary Cometto, STA I
      3. Norman Grau, STA
      4. Cindy Welton, STA II
      5. Dennis Hopkins, STA I
      6. Sandy Schwartz, Retired STA
      7. Mark Troue, Training Coordinator

    8. Impact on Community
      1. Jeff Cripps
      2. Lila Lee, Social Worker II
      3. Patty Eggemeyer, Support Service Worker

    9. Impact on Staff and their Families
      1. Arlene Hill, Former Human Rights Coordinator
      2. Jeannie Grau, Lab Technician
      3. Nancy Homan, Retired RN
      4. Rebecca Kempfer, Office Assistant
      5. Felecia Rucker, Executive Secretary
      6. Debra Franklin, Dental Hygienist

    10. Response to Facility Issues Identified by DHS/Governor
      1. Pam Deterding, Human Resource Specialist
      2. Rose Dethrow, Chief Engineer

    11. Facility Physical Plant Information
      1. Bill Gross, Plumber
      2. Darrell Crum, Plumber

    12. Facility Statistical Information
      1. Scott Rubach, STA I
      2. Melody Schoeppel, Office Associate
      3. Jim Draves, STA I
      4. Steven Newbold, Dentist
  9. General Public Comments
    1. Patsie Hopkins
    2. Brenda Owen, Principal, St. John Lutheran School
    3. Michael Howie
    4. Judith Bukowski
  10. Old Business
  11. New Business
  12. Adjournment


Written Testimony and Records of Appearance


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