Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability
C.D. Davidsmeyer, Co-Chair
David Koehler, Co-Chair
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Meeting Information
April 21, 2009 Agenda and Audio
Initial Notice Posted on April 21, 2009
April 21, 2009 Meeting Agenda


CGFA Meeting - April 21, 2009
10:00 a.m. -- Room A-1, Stratton Office Bldg.

  1. Call to Order by Commission Co-Chairmen
          Senator Jeffrey Schoenberg/Representative Richard Myers
  2. FY 2010 Liabilities of the State Employees' Group Insurance Program
          Michael Moore/CGFA
  3. Overview of the status of the Employee Benefit Program to be offered in FY 2010 in accordance with P.A. 93-0839.
    1. DHFS:   Health Insurance Providers; Administrative Contracts; PPO Network; Flu Shots; Employee and Retiree Premium Increases

    2. CMS:   Life Insurance; Long Term Care; Fringe Benefit; Management; Qualified Transportation Benefit Manager
  4. Renewed and Amended Contracts for FY 2010
    1. DHFS:   HMO Providers
      1. HMO Illinois:   Terry Goldstein, Al Nolan

      2. Health Link OAP:   Susan Lehne, Mark Haegele, Bruce Gosser

      3. Health Alliance HMO & Health Alliance Illinois:   Lori Cowdrey, Scott McAdams

      4. Humana Benefit Plan of IL/Winnebago:   Melody Berry, Paula Keyes

      5. PersonalCare:   Kent Davidson, Pat Brown, Bonnie Cade

      6. Unicare HMO:   Nancy Yourell, Robert O�Hara
    2. Renewed and Amended Administrative Contracts for FY 2010
      1. CIGNA Health Care of Illinois & IntraCorp:   Deborah Roberson

      2. CompBenefits:   Darren Avant

      3. Magellan Behavioral Health:   Julie Billingsley

      4. SHPS Human Resource Solutions:   Cheri Moehring, Theresa McIntosh

      5. Fringe Benefit Management Company:   Rosemary Cardenas
        1. Commuter Savings

        2. MCAP/DCAP
      6. ACS Recovery Services:   Kim Baker, Ruth Moskaluk

      7. Metropolitan Life - Long-Term Care:   Gina Hester

      8. CIMRO:   Judy Ring
    1. Ongoing Health Contracts for FY 2010
      1. EyeMed:   Sharon Mukes, Bob Olasson

      2. Medco:   Jill, Stearns, Pam Galassini, Claudia Tucker
    2. Life Insurance Contracts
      1. Minnesota Life:   Beca Nix
  5. Discussion of Future Meeting Date
  6. Adjournment

Meeting Motions and Votes

Meeting audio may be downloaded by using a right click on the audio icon and "Saving As". To listen, you must have a media player already installed, otherwise, download and install one from the following link.