Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability
C.D. Davidsmeyer, Co-Chair
David Koehler, Co-Chair
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FY2010 Monthly Briefings
Revenue: FY 2010 Revenues Plunge over $2 Billion--Income and Sales Tax Revenues Suffer Major Hits
FY 2010 Special Transfers
Recent Illinois Ratings History
Economy: Disappointing Recovery
Pensions: Pension Legislation Overview: Spring 2010 Session
Fiscal Analysis of P.A. 96-0889 (SB 1946)
Economy: World Currency Turmoil
Revenue: Continued Weakness in Income Tax and Federal Sources Results in Poor May
Pensions: Fiscal Impact of a FY 2011 Pension Holiday
ECONOMY: Household vs. Payroll Employment
REVENUE: April Revenues Plunge on Weakness in Income Tax and Federal Sources
FY 2010 Special Transfers
Economy: It's Up to the Consumer
Revenue: March Revenue Up on Strength of Federal Sources
FY 2011 Revenues - A Year in Transition: Receipts Will Continue to Struggle
State Employees' Group Health & Life Insurance Program for FY 2011
ECONOMY: Illinois
REVENUE: February Revenues Grow Due to Federal Sources
2011 Revenues: A Year in Transition: Receipts Will Continue to Struggle
PENSIONS: Chicago Teachers' Pension Fund, Chicago Board of Education and State Contributions for FY 2011 and Beyond
ECONOMY: Jobs the Main Concern
FY 2010 Special Transfers
REVENUE: January Revenues Grow Due to Federal Sources
PENSIONS: Retirement Systems Funding Projections
ECONOMY: Inflation Concerns
State's Bond Ratings Lowered
REVENUE: Monthly Revenues Fall $179 Million to End 2009 - Federal Sources Stumble in December
Report on the Downstate Police and Fire Pension Funds
PENSIONS: Financial Condition of the Retirement Systems
Economy: Illinois' Employment Continues to Weaken
Revenue: Monthly Revenues Rise Again on the Strength of Federal Sources; Economic Sources Continue Weak
Pensions: Pension Modernization Task Force Concludes Its Business
Economy: What's in Store for the Holidays?
Revenue: October Revenues Rise on the Strength of Federal Sources and Fund Transfers
FY 2010 Special Transfers
September 2009 G.O. Bond Sale Costs of Issuance
State Budget Woes Affecting Group Insurance Payments
Pension: IMRF Retiree Fundamentals - What a Difference a Year Makes
Highlights of the State Employees' Retirement System's FY 2009 Actuarial Valuation
Economy: Monetary & Fiscal Policy in the Recovery
Revenue: Despite Strong Federal Receipts, Revenues Fall Again - Recovery Phase Slow to Manifest in Revenues
$400 Million General Obligation Bond Sale
Economy: Is the Recession Over?
Short-Term Borrowing
Revenue: Federal Sources Boost August Revenues - Offsets Decline in other Areas
Economy: Federal Reserve a Key to the Outcome
FY 2010 Special Transfers
Revenue: Revenues Begin New Fiscal Year on Down Note
Pensions: 2009 Spring Session Pension Legislation Overview