Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability
C.D. Davidsmeyer, Co-Chair
David Koehler, Co-Chair
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FY2011 Monthly Briefings
REVENUE: FY 2011 Revenues Increase $3.398 Billion – Reflects Tax Changes, Interfund Borrowing and Underlying Economic Improvement
ECONOMY: “Stagflation?”
PENSIONS: Pension Legislation Overview: Spring 2011 Session
ECONOMY: Soft Patch Continues
REVENUE: May Revenues Up Largely Due to Tax Increase
ECONOMY: Losing Momentum
Illinois Employment Update
REVENUE: April Revenues Up Largely Due to Tax Increase
ECONOMY: Resiliency
$3.7 billion in Pension Obligation Bonds
Interfund Borrowing
REVENUE: March Revenues Up Despite Federal Source Falloff
ECONOMY: Rebound in Commodity Prices
REVENUE: Despite Tax Increase, February Revenues Record Small Gains as Federal Sources Fall
PENSIONS: Current Financial Condition of the State-Funded Retirement Systems
ECONOMY: Illinois Employment, A Closer Look
Impact of P.A. 96-1496 on State Revenues
FY 2011 Tax Amnesty Update
REVENUE: January Revenues Fall due to Federal Sources—Other Areas Mixed
PENSIONS: The Impact of Police and Fire Pension Reform on the City of Springfield (SB 3538 – P.A. 96-1495)
ECONOMY: Happy New Year
Railsplitter Tobacco Settlement Authority $1.5 Billion Bond Sale
Interfund Borrowing
FY 2011 Tax Amnesty Update
REVENUE: December Revenues Grow due to Federal Sources – Other Areas Mixed
PENSIONS: SB 3538, HA #3 (P.A. 96-1495)
ECONOMY: Happy Holidays
FY 2011 Tax Amnesty
REVENUE: November Revenues Surge as Tax Amnesty Accelerates Receipts
Interfund Borrowing
Interfund Borrowing
REVENUE: Revenues Again Mixed--Lower Transfers Results in Monthly Drop
Sales Tax Revenues from Motor Fuel
ECONOMY: Recovery in Doubt
Interfund Borrowing
REVENUE: Revenues Continue Mixed - Interfund Borrowing Results in Monthly Increase
Lottery Hires a Private Manager
PENSIONS: Actuarial Assumptions Used in Pension Plan Actuarial Visitations
ECONOMY: Losing Steam
Interfund Borrowing
REVENUE: August Revenues Mixed – Decline in Federal Sources Erase Other Gains
PENSION: Financial Condition of the non-State Funded Retirement Systems
ECONOMY: Soft Patch or Double Dip Recession?
REVENUE: July Revenues Up on Strength of Federal Sources - Weakness Still Widespread
Short-Term Borrowing
PENSIONS: CGFA Analyzes New Benefit Increase