Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability
C.D. Davidsmeyer, Co-Chair
David Koehler, Co-Chair
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FY2012 Monthly Briefings
Revenue: FY 2012 Ends on Positive Note – Revenues Exceed Expectations but Stalled Recovery Creates Cautious Outlook to Begin FY 2013
Economy: Growth Stagnates
2012 Cigarette Tax Increase
Interfund Borrowing Payback
Pensions: 2012 Spring Session Pension Legislation Overview
Economy: Soft Patch Confirmed; What Now?
May 2012 Bond Sales
Revenue: May Revenues Rise As Federal Sources Grow
Economy: Is it in Another Soft Patch?
Illinois Riverboat Update
Revenue: April Revenues Surge – Increases Expected
Economy: Inflation Concerns Rise
$575 million GO Bond Sale
Interfund Borrowing Payback
Revenue: March Revenues Mixed– Higher Tax Receipting Offset by Falloff in Transfers and Federal Receipts
Guest Editorial by William B. Fornia on Actuarial Funding Methods
Pensions: The Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund; Chicago Board of Education and State Contributions for FY 2013
Economy: Illinois’ Recovery Lags
Revenue: February Revenues Up – Modest Growth Continues to Offset Poor Federal Receipts
Economy: Illinois Employment
Illinois Employment Data – A Further Look
$800 million General Obligation Bond Sale
Revenue: January Revenues Post Decent Gains Despite Weak Federal Sources
Economy: Entering a New Year
Interfund Borrowing
Revenue: December Posts Modest Gain Despite Plunge in Federal Sources
Economy: De-leveraging
$300 Million Build Illinois Bond Sale
Revenue: November Revenue Growth Stalls as Expected Due to Impact of 2010 Tax Amnesty Program
Pensions: State Retirement Systems
ECONOMY: Holiday Sales
REVENUE: October Revenues Up Despite Fall Off in Federal Sources
ECONOMY: September Living Up to Its Reputation
REVENUE: September Revenues Up Even as Federal Source Falloff Continues
State Facility Closures
ECONOMY: Soft Patch or Recession?
REVENUE: August Revenues Up Despite Federal Source Falloff
ECONOMY: Housing Remains in Severe Recession
REVENUE: FY 2012 Revenues Start Higher Despite Falloff in Federal Sources