Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability
C.D. Davidsmeyer, Co-Chair
David Koehler, Co-Chair
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FY2015 Monthly Briefings
Revenue: Administration Executes $454 million in Interfund Borrowing on Final Day of FY 2015 – Overall FY 2015 Receipts Fall Within Range Predicted by CGFA – Overall Estimate for FY 2016 Remains Unchanged
Economy: How is it Doing?
FY 2015 Interfund Borrowing
FY 2015 Special Transfers
Economy: Where’s the Rebound?
Revenue: May Receipts Fall as Expected
Revenue: Fund Sweeps, Federal Source Gains, and Higher Than Expected Income Tax Receipts Produce Jump in April Revenues
Economy: Spring Forward, Fall Back
Group Insurance Update
Economy: Effects of a Stronger Dollar
Revenue: March Receipts Down Again Due to Lower Income Tax Rates
Capital Projects Fund Issues
Economy: Déjà vu?
Illinois Employment and Wage Update
Revenue: February Receipts Down As Lower Income Tax Rates Continue – Federal Sources Again Weak
Economy: Consumer Remains the Key
Illinois Gaming Statistics
Revenue: January Receipts Down As Lower Income Tax Rates Begin Impact – Federal Sources Continue Weak
Economy: What Lies Ahead?
Revenue: December Receipts Post Modest Gains
Economy: Consumer Spending Holds the Key
Revenue: November Receipts Dip on Weak Federal Sources and Fewer Receipt Days
Economy: Housing Restrains Growth
Revenue: Monthly Revenues Mixed Again As Weaker Federal Sources Offset Gains Elsewhere
Economy: Cutting the Apron Strings
Revenue: September Revenues Mixed As Weaker Federal Sources Offset Gains Elsewhere
Economy: Left to the Fed
Revenue: August Revenues Fall With Weaker Transfers and Federal Sources
Economy: More of the Same?
Revenue: FY 2015 Begins Mixed As One-Time Revenues Help Monthly Total