Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability
C.D. Davidsmeyer, Co-Chair
David Koehler, Co-Chair
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FY2020 Monthly Briefings
FY 2020 Ends With June Uptick—COVID-19 Responsible for Fiscal Year Base Revenues Dropping $1.135 Billion—Revenues Finish Very Close to Revised Expectations
Recession to Expansion Already?
Illinois Economic Indicators
June 2020 G.O. Certificates Sale
Assessing the Economic Slow-Down
Illinois Economic Indicators
May 2020 Bond Sale
Coronavirus Urgent Remediation Emergency Borrowing Act
Revenue: Brunt of Broad-Based Weakness Reflected in May Sales Tax Revenues
The Perfect Storm Slams Into April Receipts as Base Revenues Drop $2.740 Billion; FY 2020 Now Down $1 Billion as Earlier Gains Erased
FY 2018 – FY 2021 Interfund Borrowing
Illinois Economic Indicators
The ABC’s of Recession and Recovery
Federal COVID-19 Stimulus 3.5 Relief Package (HR 266)
Recent Illinois Ratings Changes
FY 2021 Capital Plan
Into the Unknown
llinois Economic Indicators
Federal COVID-19 Action Affecting Illinois
FY 2021 State Employees Group Insurance Plan Summary
Revenue: March Receipts Largely Escape COVID-19, but Virus Expected to Quickly Manifest on Future Revenues Along with “Tax Day” Deadline Change
Illinois Employment and Wage Update
Illinois Economic Indicators
Revenue: February Receipts Grow on Performance of Personal Income and Sales Taxes, While Federal Sources Stumble
FY 2021 Economic Forecast and Revenue Estimate and FY 2020 Revenue Update
Summary of 2019 Gaming Statistics
Illinois Economic Indicators
Revenue: January Receipts Offer Slight Overall Gain Due To Stronger Federal Sources and Transfers
Economy: Heading into 2020
Illinois Economic Indicators
Revenue: Receipts Increase Modestly in December
Economy: Economy Keeps Chugging Along
Illinois Economic Indicators
Bonds: November 2019 Bond Sale and Ratings
Revenue: Despite Tax Amnesty Proceeds, Receipts Decline in November as Federal Sources Weaken
Economy: Too much worry?
Illinois Economic Indicators
Revenue: October Receipts Spurred Higher by Court Settlement Proceeds and Federal Sources
Consumer Debt in Illinois
Illinois Economic Indicators
FY 2020 Investing to Reduce Illinois’ Backlog
Revenue: September Revenues Up Due to Federal Sources, Income Taxes, and Transfers
Will the Rate Cut Help the Housing Market?
Illinois Economic Indicators
Revenue: Weak Federal Sources Results in August Revenue
Illinois Unemployment and Wage Update
Illinois Economic Indicators
Revenue: July Receipts Aided By Transfers