Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability
C.D. Davidsmeyer, Co-Chair
David Koehler, Co-Chair
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FY2005 Monthly Briefings
Revenue: Base Revenues Grow $712 million in FY 2005 and Exceed Estimates
FY 2005 Revenue Recap
Review of FY 2005 Revenue Estimates
Total FY 2005 Special Transfers
Pharmaceutical Benefit Manager Program
SB 0157 - New Hospital Assessment Program
Economy: Housing Bubble or Localized Froth?
Pension: Provisions of SB 0027 (P.A. 94-0004)
Economy: Effects of French Vote on U.S.
FY 2006 Fund Sweeps
Riverboat Changes
CMS - Status of Facility Closures
Revenue: May Receipts Down Due to Lower Federal Sources
Economy: Soft Patch or Slow Down
Fees through the 3rd Quarter
Year to Date FY 2005 Special Transfers
Revenue: April Receipts Up
Bond Sale Transparency
Economy: Inflation and Interest Rates Rise - Illinois Unemployment Rate Revised
Year to Date FY 2005 Special Transfers
Revenue: March Revenues Up Across the Board
Overall FY 2005 Revenue Forecast Unchanged
FY 2006 Estimate
CGFA/GOMB FY 2006 Comparison
Economy: Back on Track
Revenue: February Revenues Fall Due to Absence of Last Year's Transfers
Summary of Revenue Related Budget Highlights
Short-term Borrowing and the Hospital Assessment Program
Pensions: FY 2006 Retirement Contributions
Economy: Is Inflation a Concern?
Fees Revenues through 2nd Quarter
Revenue: Revenues Post January Gains
Economy: All in All, Not a Bad Year
Fees Under Siege?
Year-to-Date FY 2005 Special Transfers
Bond Sale Transparency
Revenue: Revenues Rise in December
Pensions: Growth in FY 2006 GRF for Retirement
Economy: Dreaming of a Black Christmas
Bond Limits and Transparency
Year-to-Date FY 2005 Special Transfers
Revenue: Revenues Fall in November
Pensions: The FY 2006 SERS Certified Contribution
Economy: Moderate Pickup, But Less Than Expected
October FY 2005 Special Transfers
Revenue: Federal Sources Wipe Out Other Revenue Gains in October
Pensions: The FY 2006 SERS Certified Contribution
Economy: Interest Rates Rise At Measured Pace
DCEO Announces Two Additonal Illinois High Impact Businesses
First Quarter FY 2005 Special Transfers
Revenue: First Quarter Ends Strong - September Receipts Good
Pensions: The Push To Reduce State Headcount and Payroll
Economy: Job's Gap Returns
Revenue: Revenue Assumptions used to Craft FY 2005 Budget
IEFC's Revised FY 2005 Estimate
IEFC v. GOMB Estimate Comparison
Revenues: August Revenues Fall Due to Drop-Off in Federal Sources
Revenues: Year to Date
FY 2005 Special Transfers
Pension Briefing
Pensions: Funding Changes and the Early Termination Incentive Program
State Facilities Closure Act
Changes to Group Insurance Oversight
Debt Responsibility
Increased Fee Revenues in FY 2004
Economy: Grinch or Goldilocks?
Revenue: Revenues begin FY 2005 on Mixed Note