Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability
C.D. Davidsmeyer, Co-Chair
David Koehler, Co-Chair
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FY2004 Monthly Briefings
Revenue: Revenues Jump in June; Federal Sources, Tax Amnesty, New Fees & Transfers Cause Base Revenues to Grow $2.642 billion in FY 2004
FY 2004 Revenue Recap; Review of FY 2004 Revenue Estimate
Short-Term Borrowing
Update to Special Transfers
Economy: Interest Rates Rise
Economy: Interest Rates Headed Higher
Transfers: Update to Special Transfers
Revenue: As Expected, Revenues Dip in May
Pensions: Local Pension Legislation
Economy: "I" Replaces "D" as the New Worry
Fee Tracking Report through 3rd Quarter of FY 2004
Special Transfers to GRF
Revenue: Strong Base Growth and Higher Transfers Boost April Revenues
Pensions: Long-term Impact of Governor's FY 2005 Retirement Funding Proposals
FY 2005 Estimated Liabilities for the State Employees' Group Insurance Program
Economy: Pessimism Remains as Expansion Broadens
Revenue: Federal Sources, Good Base Growth, and Extra Receipting Days Boost March
March Chargebacks, Fee Transfers, & Executive Order 2003-10
Economy: How Bad Is the Job Situation?
Revenue: Fund Chargebacks Boost Revenues in February
Administrative Chargebacks
Mortgage of James R. Thompson Center
Pension: FY 2005 Budget Book Proposals
Pensions: Overview
Economy: Pace of Growth Moderates
Fee Increase Report
Revenue: Federal Sources Boost Revenues In January
Economy: 2004 Starts Strong, But Uncertainties Remain
Update on FY 2004 Adjustments
FY 2004 Tax Amnesty
Riverboat's AGR and Admission Levels Continue to Struggle
Revenue: Despite Tax Amnesty Boost, Base Revenues Down in December
Economy: Confidence on the Rise as Holiday Spending Begins
FY 2004 Tax Amnesty
Revenue: Federal Sources and Tax Amnesty Result in November Revenue Jump
Economy: FY 2004 Begins With a Bang
Revenue: Federal Sources Continue to Surge - Remaining Sources Continue Mixed
Quarterly Update for Fee and Penalty Increases
Economy: Employment Situation in Review
Revenue: Federal Sources Up Again in September - Remaining Sources Mixed
Economy: Is the Boom in Housing Over?
Revenue: Federal Receipts Cause August Revenues to Jump
Economy: Crying Wolf?
Revenue: As Expected, Revenues Fall to Begin FY 2004
Riverboats Running Aground?