Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability
C.D. Davidsmeyer, Co-Chair
David Koehler, Co-Chair
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FY2007 Monthly Briefings
Revenue: Base FY 2007 Revenues Grow $1.281 billion. Income Taxes Exceed Expectations But Sales Tax & Federal Sources Disappoint
FY 2007 Special Transfers
Changes in the State Employee Group Insurance Program for FY 2008
Economy: Inflation - No Problem for Those Who Don't Eat or Drive
Economy: Illinois Employment Situation
Revenue: May Receipts Post Small Gains
Economy: Trade Reversal a Needed Strength
Special Transfers
Revenue: April Receipts Soar Due to Income Taxes, Transfers, and Federal Sources
Economy: Inflation Concerns Remain
Revenue: March Receipts Jump Due to Income Taxes and Federal Sources
Economy: Housing Sector Revisited
Revenue: February Receipts Take a Dip
Economy: Temporary Rebound or New Trend?
Short-Term Borrowing
Special Transfers
Revenue: January Revenues Jump Due to Federal Sources
Pensions: The Chicago Teachers' Pension Fund; Chicago Board of Education and State Contributions of FY 2008
Pensions: The FY 2008 SURS Money Purchase Interest Rate
Economy: Strength in Question
Revenue: Receipts Close 2006 on Mixed Note
Pensions: Chicago Transit Authority Pension Funding Projections
Economy: Holiday Colors
Revenue: November Receipts Mixed
Pensions: The FY 2008 Certified Contributions
Economy: Weak Start to FY 2007
Special Transfers
Revenue: October Receipts Show Modest Improvement
Pensions: The Financial Condition of the Cook County Pension Funds
Economy: Expansion - Correction or Conclusion
2006 Wagering Summary
Special Transfers
Revenue: Income Tax Gains Largely Offset by Lower Federal Receipts
Pensions: The Financial Condition of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Retirement Fund
Economy: The Housing Bubble - Deflated or Burst?
Revenue: August Revenues Perform Well
Pensions: The Financial Condition of the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund
Economy: Illinois Employment - A Tale of Two Measures
Special Transfers
Revenue: Revenues Begin FY 2007 on Mixed Note
Bond: Costs of Issuance
Pensions: The Financial Condition of the Chicago Transit Authority Pension Fund