Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability
C.D. Davidsmeyer, Co-Chair
David Koehler, Co-Chair
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FY2003 Monthly Briefings
Revenue: Receipts Tail off in June; Revenues Fall for the Second Year
Economy: Will 13 be the Lucky Number?
Economy: The Dreaded "D" Word
Short-Term Borrowing
Revenue: Revenues Jump as Federal Receipts Rebound
Economy: Economy Continues to Struggle
Revenue: Revenues Fall as Federal Receipts and Transfers Sag
Economic Indicators
General Funds Receipts
Economy: Opposing Forces Resulting in Economic Hesitation
Revenue: Revenues Post Slight Gain
Economy: Activity Stalls as Uncertainties Mount
Revenue: Revenues Worsen
Economy: Year-End Mopes, New Year Hopes
Revenue: Revenues Get Much Needed Boost in December
Economic Indicators
General Funds Receipts
Economy: Momentum Slows
Revenue: Revenues Continue to Fall
Economy: Doldrums or Dip?
Revenue: Revenues Slide in September
Economy: Consumers Worry But Continue To Spend
Revenue: Revenues Fall in August
Composition of Estimated FY 2003 General Funds Revenue
Economy: Double Dip?
Short-Term Borrowing
Revenue: July Revenues Jump Due to Borrowing and Transfers