Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability
C.D. Davidsmeyer, Co-Chair
David Koehler, Co-Chair
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FY2008 Monthly Briefings
Facility Closure Update
Revenue: Base FY 2008 Revenue Growth $1.019 billion: Income Taxes Buoy Receipts As Other Revenues Experience Lackluster Year
FY 2008 Special Transfers
Economy: Inflation Concerns Cause Fed to Hold Rates Stable
Pensions: Pension Legislation Overview – 2008 Spring Session
U.S. Supreme Court Clarifies Fiduciary Duties in DC Plans
Economy: Impact of Record Energy Prices
Update on the Struggles of Illinois Riverboats
Revenue: May Revenues Rise to Federal Sources - Other Sources Lack Meaningful Growth
Economy: Commodities, the Next Bubble?
Short-Term Borrowing
Revenue: April Revenues Jump Due to Personal Income Tax and Federal Sources--Remaining Months Expected to Struggle
Economy: Housing and the Credit Crisis
Revenue: Revenues Fall as Federal Sources & Personal Income Tax Weaken
The Struggles of Illinois Riverboats
Pensions: FY 2008 Investment Returns for the State-Funded Retirement Systems
Revenue: FY 2008 Revenue Estimate and FY 2009 Revenue Forecast
Revenue: February Revenues Tick Up
Economy: Worst of Both Worlds
Possible ISFA Purchase of Wrigley Field
Pensions: The Chicago Teachers' Pension Funds; Chicago Board of Education and State Contributions for FY 2009
Economy: What Lies Ahead?
Revenue: January Revenues Dip - Monthly Results Mixed
FY 2009 Revenue Picture - Pain or Gain?
Pensions: Pension Reforms Contained in CTA Bailout Bill
Economy: New Year Enters on a Weak Note
Revenue: December Revenues Up in Part Due to Receipt Reconciliations
Economy: Outlook For Holiday Sales
Temporary Funding for the Northeastern Illinois Mass Transit Funding Crisis
Revenue: November Revenues Dip as Federal Sources and Transfers Weaken
Pensions: The FY 2009 Pension Contributions
Economy: Over a Barrel?
Revenue: October Revenues Rise on Strength of Federal Sources and Transfers
Pensions: The Financial Condition of the State Employees' Retirement System
Economy: Slowdown or Recession
Revenue: Receipts Sputter in September as Weakness Spreads
Short-Term Borrowing
Pensions: State Universities' Retirement System Self-Managed Plan
Economy: Impact of the Credit Crisis
Summary of P.A. 95-0233 - The FY 2005 Budget Implementation (Revenue) Act
Revenue: Receipts Mixed in August - Post Modest Gain
Pensions: U.S. House Passes Sudan Divestment
Governor Amendatorily Vetoes HB 3578 and SB 1553
Economy: Illinois Employment Situation Revisited
Revenue: Receipts Up Due to Federal Sources
Pensions: Pension Legislation Overview - Spring 2007 Session