Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability
C.D. Davidsmeyer, Co-Chair
David Koehler, Co-Chair
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FY2002 Monthly Briefings
Revenue: Revenues Mixed in June, but Still Decline; FY 2002 Revenues Disastrous
Revenue: FY 2003 Budget to Include Significant Revenue Changes
Economy: Mid-Year Hesitation
Revenue: Revenues Continue to Fall
Economy: Strength of Recovery Dependent Upon Business
Economy: Pace of Activity Moderates
Revenue: Revenues Continue to Decline Despite Boost from Transfers
Economy: How Strong a Recovery?
Impact of the Federal Economic Stimulus Package on Illinois
Revenue: Revenues Continue to Decline
Economic Indicators
General Funds Receipts
Economy: End of Recession: Near or Here?
Revenue: Revenues Begin 2002 on a Down Note
Economy: New Year Begins on Optimistic Note
Revenue: Receipts Increase in December - Aided by Federal Sources
Economy: How Long Will the Recession Last?
Revenue: Other Than Rainy Day Transfer, Revenue Performance Mixed in November
Economy: Economy Falters
Importance of Vehicle Sales
Revenue: Receipts Rise for First Time in FY 2002
Economy: Recession Prospects Rise
Revenue: Receipts Fall Again
Economy: Weakest Sector Improves
Revenue: Receipts Edge Down Again in August
Economy: What Letter of the Alphabet?
Revenue: Revenues Remain Weak to Begin FY 2002