Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability
C.D. Davidsmeyer, Co-Chair
David Koehler, Co-Chair
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FY2009 Monthly Briefings
Revenue: Federal Stimulus Funds Help Avert More Than $2 Billion Plunge--Revenues Still Drop $515 Million in FY 2009
Video Gaming in Illinois
Economy: The Shape of the Coming Recovery
Economy: Jobs Continue to Erode
Short-Term Borrowing
Revenue: Federal Stimulus Funds Offset May Falloffs
Economy: Signs of Improvement
Pensions: Funding Crisis Looming for TRIP and CIP
Revenue: April Revenues Mixed -- Still Fall $276 Million
FY 2010 Economic and Revenue Forecast and Updated FY 2009 Revenue Estimate
Revenue: Revenue Decline Continues--March Receipts Down $110 Million
Economy: Recessions
Pensions: The Chicago Teachers' Pension Fund; Chicago Board of Education and State Contributions for FY 2010
Economy: Malaise
The Interfund Borrowing Act of 2009
Revenue: Monthly Revenues Fall - Losses Mount
Pensions: Financial Condition of the State Retirement Systems
Revenue: Revenue Check-Up -- "The Patient has Taken a Turn for the Worse"
Economy: Prices Seesaw
Update on the Closure of Howe Developmental Center and Tinley Park Mental Health Center
Pensions: Pension Bills Passed During Lame Duck Session
Economy: Commodity Price Bubble Bursts
Short-Term Borrowing
Update on the 10th Riverboat License
Streamlined Sales and Use Tax
Revenue: December Revenues Grow Due to Federal Sources; Other Sources Mixed
Economy: Happy Holidays for Retailers?
Revenue: November Revenues Fall Due to Fewer Processing Days and Continued Weak Federal Sources
Pensions: Financial Condition of the State Funded Pension Systems
Economy: Recession
Interview with Orim Graves, Fiduciary Investment Solutions
Update on the 10th Riverboat License
Revenue: October Revenues Fall Due to Federal Sources and Transfers, Weakness Grows
Pensions: FY 2008 Monthly Net Investment Returns
Economy: Financial Rescue or Malaise?
FY 2009 Fund Sweeps
Revenue: September Revenues Rise Due to Federal Sources; Other Sources Mixed
Economy: Commodities Bubble Revisited
Revenue: August Revenues Plunge Due to Weak Federal Sources and Transfers
Economy: Illinois Employment Picture Worsens
Sales Tax Revenue from Motor Fuel
Revenue: July Revenues Up Due to Federal Sources but FY 2009 Revenue Growth Expected to be Elusive
Pensions: SERS Headcount